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March, 2014

Hello everyone.

The TSWBA Annual Meeting was held on March 1, 2014 in Crossville, Tennessee at the Art Circle Public Library. It was a great meeting.

The highlight of the meeting was the induction of Ginny Messer into the TSWBA Hall of Fame for Meritorious Service. Ginny has been a long time member of the TSWBA and served on the Board of Directors for many years. In an emotional speech she expressed how honored she was to be included among the other women previously inducted in the TSWBA Hall of Fame, and how much she loved the ladies of the TSWBA. She stated that she has bowled in numerous tournaments across the state and nation, and displayed a jacket with many of the patches and pins she has received. There were very few dry eyes in the audience by the end of her speech. Ginny is a great lady and a very deserving addition to the TSWBA Hall of Fame.

TSWBA State Awards were presented for the 2012-13 High Average, 230, Susan Schellhardt, Nashville USBC WBA, 2012-13 High Individual Scratch Series, 805, Rebecca O’Connor, Smoky Mountain USBC, which was her first and she also received a crystal encrusted watch for that, and 2012-13 High Individual Scratch Game. There were six ladies who received awards for having bowled a combined total of eleven 300 games. Tracey Kincaid, Cookeville USBC WBA; Rebecca O’Connor, Smoky Mountain USBC; Heather Rutledge, Smoky Mountain USBC; and Stephanie Streeter, Cumberland County USBC, each bowled their first 300 game during the 2012-13 season, each receiving a pendant award. Susan Schellhardt and Sandra Sears-Wiley, both of Nashville USBC WBA, rounded out the list of 300 games. Sandra had bowled three 300 games during this time frame. Rebecca O’Connor not only bowled her first 300 game during the 2012 TSWBA Queens Tournament, but followed that up with another just twelve days later. Not satisfied with that accomplishment, Rebecca had back to back 300 games in one series, which earned her the 805 series. Wow! Each of these six ladies received a plaque for their High Scratch Games. Stephanie Streeter was in attendance to receive her awards.
The 41 TSWBA Officers, Directors and delegates in attendance and eligible to vote approved a proposed amendment to the TSWBA Bylaws, changing the number of directors needed to make a quorum at a Board Meeting from 9 to 7. A few years ago when the Bylaws were amended to decrease the total number of the Board of Directors from 13 to 11, the quorum issue was not addressed, thus the reason for the proposed amendment, making a quorum of 7 a more reasonable number with the new size of the Board.

Two local associations received certificates of appreciation for their donations sent in to TSWBA to be forwarded to the national BVL, Bristol USBC WBA, $500, and Roane County USBC WBA, $700. The TSWBA sent in $2,969.96, and along with the donations received from the two local associations, a total of $4,169.96 sent to BVL. Several other associations send donations directly to BVL: Nashville USBC WBA, $2,910, Kingsport USBC, $350, and Chattanooga Area USBC, $1,700. TSWBA has a booth at the tournaments where shirts, towels, pins and other items are sold. The profit from these sales are how we make the money to send to BVL. So each and every one of you who purchase these items are making it possible for us, as an association to support our wounded veterans in VA hospitals across the state of Tennessee, who have given so much for us.

The TSWBA Nominating Committee presented a slate of candidates for election. Re-elected were TSWBA Vice President Charlotte Myers, Clarksville/Ft. Campbell USBC WBA, and Directors Penny Harris, Nashville USBC WBA, Doris Powell, Memphis Area USBC and Robin O’Malley, Chattanooga Area USBC. Jinnie Henry, TSWBA President, Chattanooga Area USBC, was elected to serve as delegate to the USBC National Convention, and Charlotte Myers, TSWBA Vice President, was elected to serve as alternate.

It was announced that the 2014 TSWBA Senior Tournament will be held in Clarksville, the 2014 Queens Tournament will be held in Hendersonville and the 2015 TSWBA Championship Tournament will be held in Knoxville. The 2015 TSWBA Annual Meeting will be held in the Knoxville area, and the meeting will take place mid April.

Entry forms for the 2014 TSWBA Senior and Queens Tournaments will be available at the Championship Tournament in Columbia. They are also be available on this site. Entry forms will be mailed to each of last years Senior Tournament participants by mid March, as well as each local association’s manager. Please be sure to read the entry forms when you receive them as there are major changes in squad times for the Senior Tournament and tournament format for the Queens.

And speaking of the Championship Tournament, March 8 and 9 was the first weekend. We had some really good bowling and everyone seemed to have a good time. Look on this site for the current standings. I am looking forward to seeing all of you there. It’s always nice to see friends again and catch up on all that’s happened in the past year. I hope all of you bowl great and have the best scores you’ve ever had!

See you soon!

Carolyn Owens
TSWBA Manager








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